All rentals, except those under construction are available.

Football Field

Boulter Middle School ⋅ Max Capacity: 25 people

Parents/Spectators must park in the parking lot and not along the side of the entrance. Please do not drive on the grass. Parents/Spectators must sit in stands or sit in areas outside the turf field and track. No chairs or tents are allowed on the track. Teams must make sure trash is picked up and disposed of after use.

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Public Health Requirements



All coaches, parents, visitors and students ten years of age or older must wear face coverings or face shields upon entry to an area where UIL activities are being conducted, even when not actively practicing or playing, unless a medical condition or disability prevents wearing a face covering. People in fan and spectator areas should be at least six feet apart.


Group 1 - Non-Profi...
Group 2 - Non-Profi...
Group 3 - For Profi...
Football Field:
  • Group 1: $15.00/hr
  • Group 2: $50.00/hr
  • Group 3: $150.00/hr

Concessions Note: Tyler ISD has first option to run the concession stand. If we decide not to run it, the renter will pay $250 per day to run it.